Effective Hacks to Keep Your Asphalt from Being Damaged on the Winter Season

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The winter season can potentially take a toll on your asphalt driveways or parking lots. If you’re not being cautious, then you probably need to pay for multiple asphalt repairs after the cold season ends. Luckily, you can do a lot of ways that can help maintain the tip-top condition of your parking lot even if it’s cold outside. Keep on reading to know these hacks: 

Shovel frequently 

Your parking lot should contain a great drainage system so that rainwater and snow won’t be able to accumulate. In case such substances overly accumulate, they can pose too much weight on the asphalt. As a result, the possibility of breakage increases. Moreover, the snow causes the asphalt to excessively contract and expand.  

Apply sealant  

As time passes by, the pavement can go through plenty of damage due to several reasons, such as everyday wear and tear, driving habits, and weather conditions. As soon as the snow begins to fall, each pavement defect you get poses a risk of damaging it even further from the thawing and freezing cycle. Remember that you can keep your pavement protected when you seal coat sit before the season starts.  

Never pour salt on asphalt 

A lot of people tend to apply salt since they believe that it can help remove snow. Although, salt can only cause harm on asphalt. If you decide to utilize a commercial de-icing product, remember that such items commonly contain more than just salt. Most of the time, they have chemicals that can help remove the asphalt as well. If you plan to salt your asphalt, then it’s best if you think about utilizing a product with magnesium chloride, which is less harsh compared to parking lots.  

Never allow the snow to melt 

As soon as the snow will hit the ground and begin to build upon your asphalt surface, the key is to consistently clear out the snow so it won’t keep on melting and refreezing on your pavement. As soon as it refreezes, it can lead to severe harm.  

Check your asphalt surface before the wintertime starts 

 The fall season can be the ideal year to employ an expert to assess whether any asphalt repair and maintenance is needed. If there are things that should be done, make sure to address such problems right before the first snow takes place. Such repairs could be filling in any cracks or potholes. It’ll be a lot harder for the experts to do such tasks when the ground is filled with snow. Hence, guarantee to have this issue fixed sooner than later to make it easier to get over and done with.  

Eliminate all debris 

Ensure that you’ve eliminated any debris on your asphalt before the first snow falls onto it. Doing so can help keep it from freezing as soon as the snowflakes begin to fall. When you’re anticipating cold and long wintertime with several snow days, then removing the debris in advance can help prevent any extreme damages that snow can do after getting frozen in the asphalt.  



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